I came to Berlin a little more then a year ago. I was always attracted to this great city, amongs other reasons (which I might elaborate on in the future), because of its diversity and multi-cultural atmosphere. The Germans call it Multikulti: the celebration of everyone being different and bringing their own heritage into the big melting pot, which is Berlin today. Not that it always works for them; but when it does, it’s called Multikulti. Germans have nicknames for everything.

I’ve been here 5 times as a tourist, and then, after we felt we needed to expand our horizons a bit (Israel is a really small place, and as you might have heard, a bit problematic at times), we (that’s my husband and I) chose it as our next destination. And so, now we’re here. During the year, mainly at the school where I learned German, I got to experience a lot of Multikulti.

Ever since I’ve moved here, I’ve been toying with ideas of projects that would bring together people from different backgrounds. And ever since I’m here, I’ve been cooking way more then I ever have. Maybe it’s the fact that I don’t have a steady job (so I have more time on my hands) or that our income has decreased (we go out much less now) – I certainly got into the kitchen this year. One of my new friends is a shef, and we even started a small catering service together! Here we are selling Oznei Haman, Jewish traditional cookies for Purim, at Mauer park, in the rain (I’m the one in red):

Purple tree selling oznei haman at Mauer Park

I wanted to start this blog a while back, but I wanted to have really good pictures in it – hence, not my pictures. Then I met Elsa. Elsa is one hell of a photographer. So now, we’re good to go. Thanks to my good friend, Ronen Altman Kaydar, who is a poet and translator, I can also write this blog in my far-from-perfect English, as he has agreed to proof-read it.

What we plan to do: every two weeks (we hope), we will have a guest from a different part of the world, who will come and cook with me in my kitchen. Guests will be generaly people who live in Berlin, each for his or her own reasons. We will cook together something typical to their country or region. Some of my guests will be experienced cooks, some just like to cook – like me – and some will just come in with a recipe, hoping to have a taste of their motherland. Hopefully, we will have interesting kinds of dishes, ones that you might not know as the national dish of the specific country of origin. Regional, common food is what we’re aiming for here. if you’d like to be one of those participants, please contact me.

Our first guest will be Celestino Sánchez, a Spanish student who is spending the summer here in Berlin in order to study the language. He has promised to show me how to cook a very well known Spanish dish, along with a very regional dish from Cádiz, a province of Andelusia, Spain.  It will be very Multi-Kulti.



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